Monday, October 13, 2014

Example of a Paragraph in the 5-Paragraph Model

  1. The 5-Paragraph Model of the essay contains all the correct elements and in the correct order.
  2. An opening paragraph delivers the clear and simple thesis, and a closing paragraph enlighteningly summarises the essay’s development of the thesis without adding any new material.
  3. And in the middle, three development paragraphs successively prove the thesis: each using fact or reason to take the reader sentence-by-sentence from ignorance to knowledge.
  4. Furthermore, this 5-Paragraph model of the essay is also the macrocosm of each individual paragraph, which means that each paragraph-microcosm has the same five elements and in the same order (the first element is called the topic sentence; the last element is called the linking sentence; while the middle three sentences are still called ‘development’.)
  5. So, with all three correct elements in this proper order, the 5-Paragraph Model will (ceteris paribus) work for every essay, and other type of (non-fiction) writing.

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